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November 29, 2023: K-State adopts international charter for health-promoting universities and colleges

November 8, 2023: WMU commits to strategic initiatives to enhance student, faculty and staff well-being under global charter

September 14, 2023: Wentworth to Sign Okanagan Health Charter

August 22, 2023: CU Boulder signs onto Okanagan Charter, elevating commitment to health and wellness

June 13, 2023: UAB hosts first ever in-person Health Promoting Universities Summit Presidents Panel

April 27, 2023: Northern Michigan University joins internationally recognized Okanagan Charter as a health promoting university

April 17, 2023: UAB hosts first ever in-person Health Promoting Universities summit

March 23, 2023: Becoming a health promoting campus: Facilitating student, staff, and faculty success while contributin to the public good

February 9, 2023: Pace University Adopts Okanagan Charter

February 8, 2023: Joining National Network Advances Health Promotion, Prevention Strategies – Grand Valley State University

October 28, 2022: UMass Amherst holds Okanagan Charter signing ceremony, making commitment to embed health into all aspects of campus culture

October 26, 2022: With Okanagan Charter, Cornell to become health-promoting campus

October 14, 2022: Russell Sage College Joins International Health Promoting Universities and Colleges Network

October 12, 2022: Ursinus to Become First Liberal Arts College to Sign Okanagan Charter

October 10, 2022: University of Delaware Joins Health Promoting Universities

September 13, 2022: UMass Lowell Signs Campus Health Treaty, First in New England to Adopt Okanagan Charter

May 6, 2022: UAB President Ray Watts to Address Well-being as a Campus Priority on International Panel

October 22, 2021: Western Washington Campus Invited to Okanagan Cgarter Singing Event on November 3

September 2, 2021: Seven Universities Adopt Okanagan Charter, Join UAB in U.S. Health Promoting Campus Network

September 2, 2021: Northern Illinois University Among First U.S. Universities to Adopt Okanagan Charter

September 1, 2021: University of Michigan Joins U.S. Network of Health-Promoting Universities

September 1, 2021: University of California Irvine is Among Inaugural U.S. Cohort to Adopt Okanagan Charter

September 1, 2021: University of Albany Designated as a Health Promoting University

September 1, 2021: University of North Florida Adopting the Charter Committed to Campus Health and Wellness

December 15, 2020: University of Alabama at Birmingham Becomes First Health Promoting University in the United States